It’s impossible not to be impressed with these new entries in Marantz’s Reference Series. The integrated amplifier Model 30 is the other. The new Marantz SA-10 is the latest model in a range of high-end players stretching all the way back to the dawn of CD: in the original CD-63, launched in 1983, The Marantz SA-10 has the high-end performance-tuned CD player, and that expertise has continued to be developed over more than 30 years. Notice we say disc rather than CD player, as the SA-10 also reads SACDs and music stored on DVD-ROMs. Please refresh the page and try again. Connecting an iPod or USB memory device to the USB port. Marantz has long been a master at getting the most out of its circuits and here you’ll find the use of high quality components and extensive shielding combined with sophisticated power supply arrangements. The other interesting angle is the presence of alternative filter setting options to optimise music and measurement. The SA-10 is Marantz’s top of the range SACD player and has seen Marantz take a step back from CD Player design (something they’ve been … The Marantz SA-10 cd/sacd player is Marantz's latest and flagship cd/sacd player from its reference series line. This allows the converter proper to work at a one-bit level. All rights reserved. Thoroughly likeable in most ways and admirable in some, but a lack of bottom-end rigour hampers the big Marantz . The very attractive player is one of two new products in Marantz’s new 30 series. As with the SA-10 more functions are available with the remote handset and if you are facing the display it’s easy to read, but less so when its at an angle. So this isn’t just a pretty box, it’s a technically advanced one as well. Which means that a great recording like Bellezza Crudel (Vivaldi, Tone Wik, Barokkanerne, 2L) delivers all the tonal depth of the period instruments alongside the beauty of the soprano voice in the context of an effortless melody. If you’re using an iPhone though, the Marantz can’t handle anything after the original 6 and 6 Plus. Mit dem CD-Player Marantz SA-10 und Vollverstärker Marantz PM-10 präsentieren wir Ihnen hier eine traumhafte High End-Kombination. The previous Reference amplifier, the SC-7/MA-9, was a pre/power amplifier combination, but Marantz wanted to deliver even better performance from an integrated amplifier. For optimum performance, the Marantz SA-10 is one of the perfect companion component for connection to our matching PM-10 integrated amplifier, which features balanced audio connection and high power output (200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms), to easily drive virtually any loudspeaker regardless of impedance or efficiency. It seems, from reading reviews, to have a good phono stage which is important to me as a lot of listening will be done on vinyl. Marantz SA-10, SACD/CD Player, $7000 Marantz’s SA-10 is flat out the best disc player I’ve ever heard. Even the headphone output is good. The other unusual touch is that the phono and power amp inputs have shorting plugs on them in order to reduce the potential of both to pick up noise in the fashion of an aerial. But it has also been done because he feels that Marantz has managed to get sound quality out of the design that matches expectations for a Reference product. Connecting to a device with digital audio input connectors. It’s the combination of speed and finesse that makes many alternatives seem crude, the power reserves are not obvious unless you want to play at higher levels. The champagne version is classic Marantz, so is the sound. The high quality of the recording is made abundantly clear. The company calls its system Marantz Music Mastering, and it incorporates elements of the single-bit conversion that it has used in the past, but with new filtering techniques and up-conversion. MORE: The best 19 stere… What Hi-Fi? But for those with decent CD collections, especially if they contain SACDs there’s a lot to be said for a disc spinner like this. So it proves again with the SA-10. Drawing on the development process for the flagship SA-10, and designed by the same team, the SA-12 Special Edition was created to celebrate the love of music and exalt the mastery and emotion of music. Shares. This handset is way more luxurious than most of those we see supplied with high-end products. Two sets of speaker cable binding posts makes bi-wiring straightforward. Take a look inside the product and it’s hard not to be impressed by the quality of the construction and care taken in the layout. The PM-10 integrated amplifier is the flagship model in the Marantz range, it replaces the SC-7 preamp and MA-9 monoblock combo. In Reply to: RE: Marantz SA10 Reviews posted by Disbeliever on April 27, 2017 at 05:31:55: Disbeliever writes: "I doubt if many will buy the expensive Marantz SA-1O . I've been playing the digital disc game since 1984 and this is the best sounding player I have heard in 20+ years. Bath For a start, Marantz is part of the Sound United group along with Denon, Polk, Boston, Classé, and Definitive Technology, which gives it the scale to build a dedicated SACD/CD drive mechanism that will also play from CD- and DVD-ROM discs. The new Marantz SA-10 is the latest model in a range of high-end players stretching all the way back to the dawn of CD: in the original CD-63, launched in 1983, it had the first high-end performance-tuned CD player, and that expertise has continued to be developed over more than 30 years. A pretty complete musical experience in fact. I found a Japanese site that has a couple of reviews. Essentially the Marantz pairing needs low colouration, transparent loudspeakers but it doesn’t need high sensitivity. HFC finds out if it can score three goals in a rowCompleting Arcam’s trinity of new HDA products, the SA10 is the entry-level amplifier and I can’t help but detect a frisson of concern as you read this. This is a fast and powerful amplifier that manages to keep its own character largely under wraps, what there is is a very subtle polish that could be interpreted as lack of grain if it appealed or as a fine veil if not. The default slow roll-off setting is said to sound best but Marantz has included a sharp roll-off option that measures well. But it’s worth the effort for these are exceptionally refined and revealing components, the overall impression they give is of tube liquidity with transistor back-up, proper iron fist/velvet glove stuff. I couldn’t actually find the play button and resorted to the remote handset to get a disc spinning, but it turns out to be on the right hand side of the disc drawer and marked with a machined rather than printed symbol. SA-10Type: SACD/CD player and DACDisc Types: SACD, CD, DVD-ROM
 Digital Inputs: coaxial & optical S/PDIF, USB 2.0, USB A for iPod/iPhone & USB drivesAnalogue Outputs: balanced and single ended, 6.3mm headphone outputDigital Outputs: coaxial & optical S/PDIFDAC Resolution: not specifiedFrequency response: 2Hz – 20kHzDistortion: THD 0,0015%Signal to Noise Ratio: 104dBDimensions (HxWxD):  127 x 440 x 419mmWeight: 18.4kg, PM-10Type: Solid-state, 2-channel integrated amplifier with built-in phonostage and headphone amplifierAnalogue inputs: MM/MC phono, 4 single-ended line-level, 2 balanced, preamp-inAnalogue outputs: Record outInput impedance:•    High-level: 20kOhms•    Phono: MM – 47kOhms, MC low – 33 Ohms, MC high – 133 Ohms•    Power amp in: 20kOhmsHeadphone Loads: not specifiedPower Output: 200W/8 Ohms, 400W/4 OhmsBandwidth: Not specifiedDistortion: THD

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